In August 2015, the Mediate Art Group hosted the Reverberations in partnership with the National Park Service at the historic Battery Townsley, a WWII battery fortification overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The Analogous Ensemble was invited to perform and explore the extreme resonances of the main entrance tunnel of the structure. It was such a pleasure to play in this extraordinary setting.

For the event I refined the performing group of instruments and expanded the concept of The Abundant’s Eye (Singular. A far more structured piece organized by a fabricated video eye) to The Abundant’s Eyes (Plural. Using the tunnel’s openings as the new eyes and allowing for more freedom of interpretation by the internal pieces/instruments.)

The cast for this iteration of the Analogous Ensemble was: Sharmi Basu, Nava Dunkelman, Dan Gottwald, Sam Hertz, Robert Lopez, Megan Meyer, Stephen Parris and Shanna Sordahl.