The Home

The Frontier

Home on the Frontier was developed in collaboration with composer and sound artist, Julie Herndon for the Megapolis 2015 audio festival. It lived on the street for a few days in downtown Oakland. 
A large, multi-player capable kalimba structure anchored the work and spreading out from it, prepared music boxes were temporarily affixed to features of the street: telephone poles street sign posts, parking meters, benches, trees, light posts, trash cans, fences, etc... 
The two facets of making sounds were opposed in their preconstructed order. The kalimba could be used to make notes in any order and the music boxes could only be played as they were made to do. The installation was in conversation with its environment, the composers and the participants (both player and audience). 

Unfortunately during the night on the last day of the festival the "home" structure was removed by an unknown party. Either a fan of my work or city workers with a passion for spoiling a good time in the name of policy decided it was better off somewhere else. 
I can only hope it is more than trash at this point. 
If you would like to own one of these for yourself or have a public space that needs an easily accessible and versatile musical instrument, please contact me for details.