Dan Gottwald is a sculptor, sound artist, instrument builder, musician and composer. Informed by desert landscapes, tools of industry, cartoons and tinnitus, his work focuses on the tactile, temporary and social through object, sound and performance.
Gottwald's main exhibition vehicle is the Analogous Ensemble, A collection of sound sculptures and instruments designed and built for the purpose of exploring new music and interactions between objects, performers and audiences.
His unique instruments have been shown in San Francisco's Market Street Prototyping Festival (2015 & 2016), The Megapolis Festival (2015)as well as in conjunction with Bay Area dance companies inkBoat and Nina Haft & Co.
He Holds a Master's degree in Electronic Music from Mills College and a Bachelor's degree in Studio Arts from the University of New Mexico.

Essentially my work is about touch. Whether it is an audience allowed to interact with a piece, the result of a piece acting on an audience or regularly independent media acting together, it is the point of contact, the action of touch and residue of that interaction that interests me. While I lay claim to sculpture, sound and performance as my methods of practice, I only do so because they are the most nebulous of disciplines. The field of materials and site choices are wide open, sound is technically emitted from everything all the time and every action is a performance no matter who witnesses it.
Art is only ever interdisciplinary and must be approached as such. 
I believe in blurry lines and I enjoy playing in those material and conceptual spaces where it becomes difficult to classify or discern one thing from the next. In this way my work is focused on one’s awareness of space and the thoughts, feelings and physical matter that exist in between the relative points where we choose to define space and experience from.
There is no one thing that is just one thing.