The Analogous Ensemble is a collection of new instruments designed and built by artist Dan Gottwald. His aim is to blend object and sound in performance of new music. 
Gottwald's unique instruments have been shown at the Market Street Prototyping Festival, the Megapolis Festival, The Mills College Art Museum, the Thingalmajigs Festival and accompanying various dance companies throughout the Bay Area. 

Art In Nature Festival 2014

Integrated Materialism Exhibition

The Analogous Ensemble is an ever-changing collection of instruments that have been designed and built by Dan Gottwald. The ensemble has several functions that we are aware of:

-To encourage tactile involvement with object and sound.
-To provide performance opportunities to musicians across abilities.
-To act as intermediaries between states of matter and awareness.
-To provide listening opportunities to willing and present parties.
-To facilitate community.
-To act as physical metaphors describing natural events.
-To perform the Arboreal Suite.