The Abundant's Eye @ Mills College:Signal Flow (Full Performance)

The Abundant’s Eye @ Mills College:Signal Flow

The Abundant is a very large entity with a very large eye. 
The Abundant’s Eye is a multi-media work composed of the smaller parts of that eye. Each component instrument or group of instruments represent, in form, sound and motion, functions within the eye. They are distributed throughout space as an exploded model and conducted by the projected eye. On stage are the network of fibers (Cillary Body) that work to tension the lens to focus, the lens and iris (Ilsh), the expressive and elimination processes (Nest of Tears). Off stage are visual phenomena that occur within the eye but are potentially seen as external (Transient Participle) as well as external influences that affect the eye through material contact (Seering) such as wind or small objects.

Performed by The Analogous Ensemble:
The Cillary Body/String Section; Adam Adhiyatma, Marissa Dietz-Wall, Adria Otte Stephen Parris
The Eye; Julie Herndon
The Ilsh/Percussion & Bowed Lamellophone; Alan Holsinger, Dan Gottwald
The Nest of Tears/Percussion; Sharmi Basu
The Seering/Wind Section; Olen Gottwald, Jacob Lane
The Transient Participle/Percussion and Movement; Sophia Colmenarez, Jaq Gauthier, Sarah Melish, Megan Meyer, Heather Stockton, Megan Rogers

Composed by Dan Gottwald
Instrument Design and Fabrication by Dan Gottwald